The district administration,Panchkula has launched a Scheme titled “Aadar Sammaan Scheme-Respect for the elderly”.The main objective of the scheme is to give due respect and facilitate the elderly so that their lives are more comfortable and to ensure that they are given due respect nad care by the administration and society. A copy of scheme & Brochure is appended herewith for your information and to ensure implementation oin your offices.

Aadar Sammaan

Respect for the elderly

An initiative of District Administration,Panchkula


It is a well known fact that as human beng age, life does not treat them with the same kindness as it did in their early years.

A large number of retired persons live in Panchkula District and it is important to ensure that they are given due respect and care by the Administration and the society.

It is often noticed that senior citizens,particularly the elderly ones who are above 70years, find it difficult to get simple tasks done in Government offices, especially when they have to make multiple visits for this purpose.

The trend in society these days is also towards lack of patience and hurriedness which leads to despair and unease amongst the elderly for they cannot keep pace.

Some cases where the aged have been turned out of their homes, once they have transferred their property to their children, have come to light. There is a lack of attention being paid towards the elderly in our society.

Hence it is important to launch an initiative to give due respect and to facilitate the elderly so that their lives are more comfortable.

It is proposed to call this initiative “Aadar Sammaan” a term which has a long been a cherished part of our culture and tradition.

Sailent features of Aadar Sammaan:

  • Making it a people’s movement with the involvement of all sections of society especially school and college level students.
  • Focus on restoring the dignity and self-respect of the elderly.
  • Efforts to improve quality of life they lead.
  • Priority in Government offices for all type of services offered.
  • Emphasis on making use of their intellectual expertise in various areas by creating a district level pool of experts.
  • Minimal requirement of government funnds:Efforts towards the creation of public awareness to be the only major expense.
  • Pilot implementation at small scale before restoring to full execution.
  • All measures undertaken will be time bound.

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