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Citizen’s Charter

The Economic & Statistical Organization under the overall control of Planning Department broadly provides two types of services i.e. collection, compilation of socio-economic statistics and formulation of development plans. The organization co-ordinates the plan formulation work of different departments and provides upto-date socio-economic statistics to Planners, Policy makers, Research scholars and other Institutions engaged in research work and overall economic development of the State.

Statistical Information

Commitment to provide Statistical Information:  
Type of date available.
Socio-Economic Statistics, State Income, Capital Formation, Public Finance, Index of Industrial Production,Price Index, and various types of other statistical data related to development of
the State.
Where to get published information Publications of ESO are available in library of ESO at Chandigarh.
District Statistical Officers are nodal agency at district level.

Procedure to procure information Send a request to ESA Haryana on a plain paper by post.Proforma for requisite information, if any, may also be enclosed.
Time limit for supply of information Normally 15 days.
If date is lengthy time schedule is one month.
When data requirement is urgent Contact Joint ESA (Statistics) in person on all working days, or on Telephone (706076) in Office Hours i.e. 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. or Collect data personally from the publication of ESO from library, 30
Bays Building, Sector-17 Chandigarh in office time. Office Library is open in all working days for every citizen.
When time schedule is not Approach Joint E.S.A., (Statistics) Haryana on Telephone adhered to where to complain (706076). Wait for a week.If no response, then contact to ESA (701244) Punishment for delay. Responsibility of the
concerned officer will be fixed in such cases and action for default will be taken accordingly.

Formulation of Development Plans

Formulation of Annual Plan/Five year Plan. Size of plan is approved in consultation with Planning Commission Govt. of India. Schematic proposals are submitted by concerned Departments keeping in view sectoral distribution as per guidelines
Publication schedule Plan s are printed in the month of February.
Review of Plan Schemes Implementation of plan schemes is reviewed from monthly/quarterly reports.
Modification in schemes and
enhancement of Allocation.
Proposals submitted by concerned deptts. are examined and approval/disapproval is conveyed by the Planning Department.
Who is competent Authority to
sanction and allocate Budget.
The Financial Commissioner & Secretary to Govt. Haryana Planning Deptt. is competent to sanction a scheme and allocation of Budget.
Time Schedule prescribed for
Sanction of a scheme.
Fifteen days
In case of delay, whom to make a complaint Contact Addl. ESA (Planning 701284) after 15 days If proper reply is not received approach ESA and thereafter Financial Commissioner & Secretary to Govt. of Haryana, Planning Deptt.
Responsibility/Accountability for delay. Responsibility will be fixed in such cases and disciplinary action will be taken by Financial Commissioner & Secretary, Planning Deptt.

Decentralized Plan Allocation

Allocation of funds The area specific demands of local importance are met out of decentralized funds. Decentralized Plan funds are allocated to Districts on the basis of population & backwardness of area.
Where to submit proposals The schematic proposals are invited from Panchayats and Municipal Committees by Additional Deputy Commissioner’s cum Chief Planning & Development Officers.
Who is sanctioning authority District Local Area Development Board sanction these proposals at District level and funds are released to implementing departments thereafter by ADC’s.

Publications Containing Socio-economic Statistics and relevant studies

  Particulars Periodicity (Availability)
1. Statistical Abstract of Haryana Annual (In March)
2. Economic Survey of Haryana Annual (In March)
3. A Pamphlet on “Haryana Economy” Annual (In April)
4. A Pamphlet of “Census of Haryana Government Employees.” Annual (In April)
5. Consumer Price Index Monthly (By 15th of next Month)
6. State Income Estimates Annual (In March)
7. Economic & Functional Classification of Haryana Government Budget Annual ( In November)
8. Analysis of State Revenues Annual (In November)
9. An Economic Classification of Budgets of Municipal Committees in Haryana Annual (In November)
10. Economics of Farming in Haryana Annual (In March)
11. Family Budgets of Cultivators in Haryana Annual (In March)
12. Sectoral Estimates of Gross Fixed Capital formation in Haryana. Annual (In April)
13. Annual Index of Industrial Production Annual (In December)
14. Annual Plan of Haryana Annual (In February)
15. District Statistical Abstract Three years series
16. Municipal year book Five years series
Cost of Publications Free of Cost
Whether each user is entitled to get a copy of published material No. There are limited copies. The publishe material is generally provided only to the Universities, Research Organisations and District libraries. However pamphlets containing basic
information could be provided to the Users free of cost subject to availability.
New Publications. A list of new publications added in the Library will be displayed on Notice Board on the last day of the month.
Data available on Internet. The Budget namely “Economic Survey of Haryana” is available on web-site Census data is also available on National
Informatic Centres located at District & State HQ.
Provision for Revision of Charter In order to encourage a commitment to quality and continuous improvement, the Charter shall be revised in the month of April every year.

Nodal Officers

a) State Level i) Economic & Statistical Adviser to Government of Haryana, 30 Bays Building, Sector-17, Chandigarh. Telephone No.701244.
ii) Addl. ESA(Planning), 30 Bays Building, Sector-17, Chandigarh, Tel.701192
iii) Joint ESA (Statistics), SCO-3033-34, Sector-22D, Chandigarh, Tel.706076
b) District Level District Statistical Officers at all Distt. HQ.

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