Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board

The Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board was set up on Ist August, 1969 for exercising superintendence and control over the Market Committees of the State. The primary objective of the Board has been to set up a marketing infrastructure for better regulation of the purchase, sale, storage and processing of agricultural produce within the framework of Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1961 and Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets (General) Rules, 1962.
In order to ensure that the farmers in Haryana may not have to travel beyond 6-8 kilometers to sell their agricultural produce, the Board has established a network of 105 Principal Yards, 179 Sub Yards and around 158 Purchase Centres spread throughout the State.
Following facilities/schemes have been launched by the Board in the interest of general public:


To encourage the farmers to bring and sell their agricultural produce in the mandis, ‘Krishak Uphar Yojna’ was launched from 2nd October,2000 in all the mandis of the State. Under this scheme, a farmer is issued a fit coupon by the Market Committee on the production of Form “J” issued to him by the Commission Agent/Arhtia for the sale of his produce worth Rs.5000/- or more. The number of gift coupons would increase with the amount of sale of produce in the denomination of Rs.5000/- each. This scheme has also helped to check evasion of market fee.
Under this scheme, draws are being held district-wise on half yearly basis. The value of prizes which are being distributed in the shape of agricultural implements (details given below) every six months in each district are as under:-

Ist Prize 2 Rs.40,000/- per prize
2nd Prize 8 Rs.25,000/- per prize
3rd Prize 12 Rs.10,000/- per prize

List of Agricultural implements/equipments

  Name of Agricultural equipments/implements
1. Disc. Harrow 6×6 (bearing type)
2. Disc. Harrow 7×7 (bearing type)
3. Disc. Harrow 6×6 (bearing type)
4. Disc. Harrow 6×6 (Bus type)
5. Disc. Harrow 8×8 (Bush type)
6. Disc. Harrow 8×8 (Bush type)
7. 9 tyne Cultivators
8. 11 tyne Cultivators
9. Land leveller 66
10. Land Lewveller 7′
11. Land Leveller 8′
12. Ridger Two Row
13. Ridger three Row
14. Bund Former (Furrow Type)
15. Bund Former (Disc. Type)
16. Disc. Plough
17. Harmba Threshers
18. Multi Crop threshers Capacity 5 Qtls
19. Multi Crop Threshers Capacity 6 Qtls
20. Multi Crop Threshers Capacity 8 Qtls
21. Multi Crop Threshers Capacity 10 Qtls
22. Multi Crop Threshers Capacity 12 Qtls
23. Harrow
24. Paddy Tilling Machine
25. Tractor Trolly
26. Fertilizer
27. Pesticides

Regarding paper formalities, contact concerned E.O.-cum-Secretary Market Committee.


This scheme providing special assistance to the victims of accidents during agricultural operation/pursuits by the Market Committees came into existence from 24.02.89. The said scheme is operated for the age group of 10 years to 65 years and the scope of this scheme is as under:-

a) Death of disablement to any farmer or labourer working on the Agri. Machiner, Implement, Tools, Equipments, Appliances arising out of these said implements and all other allied agri. activities as specified earlier in the name of the scheme in the State of Haryana.
b) Death of disablement to any farmer or farm labourer arising out of digging or well and Tubewell, cane crusher, kholoos, Chaf Cutter, Threshers, digging operation, poisonous gas while digging and operating the tubewell during Agri. operation/pursuits.
c) Death or disablement to any farmer or farm labourer arising out of the accidents with animal and animal carts, trucks and any other vehicles during carrying of the Agri. Products, Agri., operations/pursuits in the State of Haryana.
d) Death or disablement to any farmer or farm labourers while using insecticides, pesticides, weedicides, electric shock, fire hazards during the Agri. operations/pursuits in the State of Haryana.
e) Death or disablement of labourers employed/engage din market yards arising out of use of Agri. machinery, implements, handling or Agri. produce, other accidents with animals, carts, trucks, electric shock fire hazards and vehicle coming and going out of the market yards.
f) This scheme is applicable in the entire State of Haryana.
Besides above, following formalities are to be completed by the applicant:
i) Application should be submitted within 60 days from the date of occurrence of accident on a plain paper to the concerned E.O.- cum-Secretatry, Market Committee along with following s:
ii) Medical certificate from atleast a MBBS doctor.
iii) Three passport size photographs should be attached with the application.
iv) An affidavit duly attested by Tehsildar explaining the details of the accident should also be attached with the application.


After execution of development work, plots for shop are allotted to the old eligible licensees of Category II of old mandis to be de-notified on reserve price and balance shop plots are sold through open auction. Reserve price is worked out as per formula approved by the Board.
The programme to sell the plots by draw of lots or by open auction is chalked out by the Board at H.Q. and is published in various newspapers for publicity.
25% of cost of plot is recovered at the time of acceptance of the bid and balance 75% is recovered in 6 equal half yearly instalments along with interest @15% p.a. from the date of allotment.
For more details, contact concerned E.O.-cum-Secretary Market Committee.


The Board has its own network of about 9762 KM link roads to facilitate the farmers in transporting their agricultural produce to the mandis so that they may not to travel more than 5-7 Kilometers to sell their produce.
In addition to above following facilities are provided in Grain/Vegetable Markets by the Board to facilitate the farmers as well as traders:
1. Levelling and land scaping
2. Internal roads
3. Parking
4. Individual platforms
5. Covered platforms
6. Cooler rooms/Cabins
7. Toilets
8. Market Committee Office
9. Kisan Rest House
10. Post Office building/Plot
11. Bank Building/Plot
12. Canteen
13. Boundary wall
14. Gates and check post
15. Street lights/Tower lights
16. Water Supply
17. Sewerage
18. Strom Water/Drainage
19. Fire Fighting Station in Cotton Belt Area
20. Food Storage Godowns.
21. Grading Lab
22. Farmer’s Information Centre
23. Weigh Bridge

All the above works are being carried out on contractual basis for the approved/enlisted contractors of the Board after giving wide publicity in leading newspapers. The prospectus for enlistment are available in Circle offices which are located at Panchkula, Karnal, Hisar, Gurgaon and Rohtak at a cost of Rs.100/- each. The persons who are interested to undertake the work upto Rs.5.00 lacs can contact the Executive Engineer who are posted at District Headquarter can have the power to grant enlistment upto Rs.5.00 lacs. Superintending Engineer is competent upto Rs.10 lacs and Chief Engineer who is posted at Panchkula is competent above Rs.10 lacs.

Similarly, for doing various types of business in mandis such as Commission Agents, Miller, Processer, Weighmen etc. persons who fulfills the conditions for these business can get the requisite forms from the Market Committees concerns.

1. Application for licence under section 10 (Form ‘A’)
2. Application for licence under section 10 (Form ‘B’)
3. Register of licences issued under Section 10/13 (Form ‘C’)
4. Application for licence under section 13 (Form ‘D’)
5. Licence under Section 13 (Form ‘E’)
6. Application for the renewal of licence under section 10 (Form ‘F’)
7. Application for the renewal of licence under section 13 (Form ‘G’)
8. Auction Register (Form ‘H’)
9. Form HH
10. Bill of Kacha Arhtiya (Form ‘I’)
11. Sale Voucher for the seller (Form ‘J’)
12. Receipt (Form ‘K’)
13. Register of Processors (Form ‘L’)
14. Form of declaration and certificate (Form ‘LL’)
15. Form ‘M’
16. Demand Notice (Form ‘P’)
17. Form of Declaration and Certificate

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