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Haryana Rural Development Fund Administration (HRDFA) Board
Haryana Rural Development Fund Administration Board was constituted under section 3(1) Haryana Rural Development Act,1986 to improve quality of agricultural produce, to provide good markets and to increase the facilities of sale. For this purpose a fee on ad valorem basis, at the rates of one per centum of the sale proceeds of the agricultural produce bought or sold or brought for processing in the notified market area was levied under section 5(1) of the Act. This fee has been increased by the Govt. from 1% to 2% vide notification dt. 5.4.99. The purpose of the fees was to accelerate the speed of rural development. The amount so collected is spent by the Board in the Rural areas for development of roads, establishment of dispensaries making arrangements of water supply, sanitation and other public facilities, welfare of agricultural labour, conversion of the notified market area into modern market areas by utilising technical know-how and to bring necessary improvements therein, constructions of god owns for the agricultural produce brought in the market area for sale/purchase and the construction of rest houses equipped with all modern amenities to make the stay of sellers and purchasers in the market area, comfortable and for any other purpose which may be considered by the Board to be in the interest of and for the benefit of the person paying the fee. The fund may also be utilised by the Board to meet the cost of administering it.

Organizational Structure

The office is divided into three wings, namely Administration, Legal and Accounts headed by Administrative Officer, Assistant District Attorney and Accounts officer respectively. The Managing Director enjoys the power of head of the Department; Administrative Officer is incharge and supervisor of the establishment branch. Account Officer is working as incharge of the Accounts Branch and Drawing and Distributing Officer and one Assistant District Attorney is incharge of Legal Branch and handling the legal/court cases.

The cases of all the wings are being put up to Managing Director for final order where he is competent and wherever the decision of the Chairman of the Board is needed, files are being put up to the Chairman of the Board for his final orders/approval through Managing Director. All cases of development schemes of whatsoever nature they may be, are put up to the Chairman of the Board for his final approval through the Managing Director under Rule-4 of the H.R.D. Rules, 1987.

Working Overview

1. Revenue Receipt

The main income of the HRDFAB is from fee levied on Agriculture products. All receipts of the board are credited in the board accounts. Managing Director & Accounts Officer of the board operates this account jointly. The Secretary of the respective Market Committee has been empowered to act as assessing authority for collecting 2% fee on advalorem basis from buyer and arranges to send it to Bank in Chandigarh in HRDF office account. HRDF Board pays 1.8% (earlier it was 3%) of the received amount in the Bank.

2. Development Works

The funds shall be applied by the board to meet the expenditure incurred in Rural Areas in connection with the

* Development of rural roads,
* Establishment of dispensaries,
* Making arrangements for drinking water supply,
* Sanitation and other public facilities,
* Welfare of agriculture laborer,
* Conversion of notified area (falling in rural area) in to model market area by utilizing technical know how thereto & bringing about other necessary improvements therein.
* Construction of Go downs & other places of storage for the agriculture produce brought in market area for sale/purchase,
* Construction of Rest Houses equipped with all modern amenities to make the stay of visitors (Seller & Purchasers) in market area comfortable.
* For any purpose which may be considered by Board to be in the interest of and for the benefits of the person paying the fee.

The board to meet the cost of administering it may utilize the funds. The development works of the HRDF boards are supervised by engineering wing of the Panchayati Raj and are being executed by Gram Vikas Samities.

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