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Aim and Objectives

1. Provide Relief Service to the Community.
2. Health checkup and Health awareness.
3. Service for the Disabled person.
4. Voluntary Blood Donation Service.
5. Facility of X-Ray films.
6. Ambulance facility.
7. HIV/AIDS Awareness Camp.
8. Junior Red Cross.
9. Self Employment center.
10. Help to Widows.
11. Computer Training Center.
12. Nature Calamities & Accident.
13. Family Planning Programme.
14. Hospital Welfare Service.
15. St. John Ambulance Association Service.
16. First Aid & Home Nursing Training Programme.
17. Rehabilitation Center.
18. Homeopathic Dispensary.
19. Maternity and Child Welfare Service.
20. Disaster Relief Programme.
21. Financial Assistant.
District Red Cross Society, Jhajjar come in to existence after the creation of the jhajjar as separate District on 15July1997. The Branch is doing excellent work and has taken various projects for Welfare of down trodden. The branch very actively involved to help the sick, wounded, poor, handicapped and victim of natural calamities. The branch has completed one more year 2006-07 successfully in its service. The voluntary organization, social Worker of Jhajjar played sincere role to extend their valuable contribution for the welfare activities of the society. The main highlights are described as under: -
1. Relief Service / Financial help :-
Relief Services are the major activities of the Red Cross during the year 2006-07. The District Red Cross Society provides help to poor & needy as per following Details:-

1. Financial Aid to 905 poor and needy persons.
2. Help for marriage of to 386 poor girls.
3. Providing of sewing machine to 150 poor & Widows ladies.
4. Providing Blankets to 1500 poor & needy persons.
5. Relief material to earth Quake victim of J&K.
6. Aid to provide to Sainik family Jhajjar.

2. Health checkup & Health awareness :-
District Red Cross Society, Jhajjar Associated with Health Department, Jhajjar/Organisation for organizing health checkup camps, Eye camps. Polio/Immunization Camps/Family Welfare programme in the District. In the 10 camps the Society provide following facilities to the gynae 870 Medicine 2070 orthopedic 3224 eyes 1844 ENT 1776 pediatric 1115 SKIN 716 Dental Heart 1166 Psychiatry 126 Surgery 594, Ayurveda 1724 & Chest 590. Total patients - 16667.
3. Service for the Disabled:-
The Society provide Relief and appliance to handicapped persons. The Branch aims to make the handicapped person stand on their feets buildup confidence in them. The Society covered maximum handicapped persons during 2006-07. The Society provides following facilities to the 2063 handicapped person. Tricycles 150, Wheel chair 050, Hearing Aid 250 Crutches 260, Cakuoer 175, Limbs 26, Other 1082 an amount of Rs. 15 Laks was in cured on providing of Ais/ Appliance.
4. Voluntary Blood Donation Service: -
The Society has given tremendous fillip to voluntary blood donation movement in the district. The Society organized regular camps every month in Red Cross Bhawan, Jhajjar. In these monthly camps the Trainers of First Aid/ Home Nursing from District Jhajjar come forward and showed willingness for this noble cause. On an average 55 Donors are donating blood in these camps. During the year 2006-07 lots of Units of Blood was Collected.
5. Facility of X–Ray films:-
In civil Hospital (C H C), free of cost facility of X-ray films are given to the down trodden and nominal charges are taken from general patients.
6. Ambulance facility:-
Ambulance services (from C H) are provided free of cost to poor and orphan patients otherwise Rs. 3.00b per KM are charged for 24 hours. During the year 2006-2007 this facility has been provided to 624 people.
7. HIV/AIDS Awareness camp: -
With the help of Health Department the Society organized HIV/AIDS/P.N.D.T. awareness Camps in the District.
8. Junior Red Cross: -
Every School in the district has established junior Red Cross wing which provides free Clothes, Books, and Medicines to 2000 Students per Year.
9. Self Employment: -
The Society is running one Self employment center to provide multipurpose training programme. During the year 2006-07 - 100 Girls/ women were trained.
10. Help to Widows: -
Poor and widows Ladies are provided with Sewing machines, Suitable occupation and help in their daughter’s marriage. In winter blankets are distributed to the poor.
11. Computer Training Programme: -
The Society is running four Computer Training Centers to provide multipurpose training programmes. The Society maintaining a Computer Training Programme & Providing Six month & one year Courses to train the youth with the latest technology of software. During the year 2006-07, 250 youth were benefited from these centers.
12. Natural Calamities & Accident: -
Help is provided to the victims of Natural Calamities & Accidental cases in terms of medical facilities, money and other related material. Recently in the 2005 the Society has sent help to Earthquake Victim in J.K.
13. Family Planning Programme: -
Family welfare programme forms a basis for National economic development. Society /Social workers educate and motivate to have small size of family
14. Hospital Welfare Service: -
Red Cross Hospital Welfare Section, Jhajjar is an important wing of District Red Cross Society, Jhajjar. The Section aim at providing better health Service to the poor needy patients and visiting the hospital of the District The hospital welfare section continued to provide Medicines equipments to the hospital authorities.
15. St. John Ambulance Association Service: -
St. John Ambulance Association Jhajjar aims to Educating Individuals for Humanities Service by training to Driver, Conductors, Police, Home guards, Factory Workers, N.S.S./N.C.C. Students and other member of the general public in first Aid and Home Nursing. After the successful completion of the course, candidates are awarded certificates.
16. First Ais/ Home Nursing Training programme :-
During the year 2006-07 District St. John Ambulance Association, Jhajjar educated the people in subject like First Aid/Home Nursing/Para Medical subject Year 2006-07 people/ student /worker in the industries were trained in the First Aid/ Home Nursing 16170. During the year society has been trained 6825 workers.
17. Rehabilitation Center: -
In 2006-07 Society has fixed a target of handicapped aid worth Rs. Five Lacs, which will be achieved. District Rehabilitation center – provide following facilities for Handicapped persons: - Artificial Limbs, above & below knee Prosthesis & , Cosmetic gloves ( For Fingers Amputation ). For polio patient’s calipers, HKAFO, KAFO, AFO are provided. For Low Bulmer tailor Brace, Limbo Sacral Belt. Tricycle, Wheel Chairs & Hearing Aids are provided.
18. Homeopathic Dispensary: -
To popularize the Homeopathic System of Medicines the society setup one Homeopathic Dispensary at Delhi Gate, Jhajjar. In this Dispensary, First Aid post has also been arranged. The average number of patients in this Dispensary is more than 380 per month.
19. Maternity and child welfare service: -
Many welfare activities for women have been under taken by the society. Maternity and child welfare services are very important. In this center proper care of the pregnant mothers and newly born babies is undertaken. Medical checkup of pregnant mothers is done. Door to door Services are provided for the newly born babies. Folic acid Tablets, Iron tablets etc, are distributed free of cost. Health education is given to the mother so that death rate of infants may be reduced. Treatment for minor ailments, Home delivery and immunization is also provided to the community. Para Medical aid is provided in health center.
Distt. Red Cross Society, Panchkula
Address: Old Age Home, Sector-15, Panchkula
Ph. No.: 0172-2595010
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